6 Bible Verses and Bible Passage Puzzle

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What do 6 words have in common with a Bible passage?

The buzzing subsided. Quietly questioning faces turned to the king’s steward.

“These 6 Bible verses you’ve read, discussed and thought about, are pieces to your first puzzle.

Find 6 specific words in these 6 Bible verses and compare it to a Bible passage

The puzzle consists of two parts.


Clues to the First Part of the Puzzle:

Find the relevant Bible passage.

  • There are 27 books in the New Testament. The Bible passage is one of those books.
  • This specific Bible book was written by an apostle. The author who wrote it was either Peter or Paul.
  • The entire book consists of only 6 chapters.
  • The puzzles pieces are in the last chapter of this specific book. To be more specific, Bible verses 14-17 of the last chapter.

What is the name of this Bible book?


Clues to the Second Part of the Puzzle:

6 Words that describe 6 Bible verses

  • Take the 6 initial Bible verses you received.
  • Look at the Bible passage contained in verses 14-17 of the last chapter in this Bible book you found according to the clues above.
  • Compare the 6 verses with this Bible passage.
  • Each Bible verse in the initial 6 verses has an identical word that coincides with a word found in verses 14-17 of the Bible book.
  • What are these 6 words?


Stuck? Read the Spoiler or Ask Q

If you’re stuck, read the spoiler clue. Keep in mind it does spoil the fun of searching for the answer.

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Skip the spoiler clue and ask help. 

Then go to the Question Master and ask him your question.

Show your appreciation and trade:

  • Ask your question
  • Bring him another question related to the Bible, the relevant Bible verse and what you consider the answer is to your question.
  • The Question Master will give you an answer to your initial question in exchange for this question and answer.
  • For example. Your initial question is, “What is the Bible book referred to?” Your trade question is, “Why is faith important?” You add the relevant Bible passage and why you think faith is important.

Contact Q, the Question Master in comments below or on the Contact page.


Example of Worksheet

Keep notes on your answers, it may come in handy during your quests and journeys.

Create your own worksheet as the example seen below. (Coming soon – Worksheets to download for free.)

The 6 words that coincide with the 6 Bible verses above and the Bible passage are:

  1. ______________ coincides with Philippians 4:7
  2. ______________ coincides with Hebrews 4:12
  3. ______________ coincides with Matthew 6:33
  4. ______________ coincides with Romans 1:16
  5. ______________ coincides with John 14:6
  6. ______________ coincides with Hebrews 11:6