A fresh Bible study approach

Fun! Faith! Fearless!

A Bible Study Quest needs heroes who

  • have fun while studying the Bible,
  • have faith in the Word of God and
  • who are fearless when it comes to biblical truth.


How to complete a Bible Study Quest

Who are the heroes?

Heroes are people like us: eager to know the Bible better, prepared to accept the truth in God’s Word, and to apply it in daily life.

If this is you, read on.


Bible Study Quests

Bible Study Quest

Bible study is in the form of different Bible study quests.

The Journey quests are not topic specific.

Then there are quests related to Bible study topics, to Bible books, to Christianity and Inspirational quests.

Quests are optional and done at your own pace.

Some quests require certain skills, Bible study tools or previous completed quests.


How to Improve your Skills

Bible Challenges

Improve skills by completing Bible challenges.

Certain quests require specific completed challenges.

There are reading challenges, Bible study challenges, trivia and quiz challenges.

Test your knowledge and understanding of the Bible by completing challenges.


What About Weapons and Tools?

Bible Study Tools

The Tools Master is in charge of all weapons, tools and equipment.

When you find items on your quests, you can

  • keep the items for later use or
  • exchange items with other heroes or
  • bring the items to the Tools Master.

Tools Master

The Tools Master at Bible Study Tools will identify and verify items you bring to him. Sometimes he will buy the item or exchange it for something else.

He knows his craft, and has extensive knowledge of different tools, weapons and equipment useful for your adventures. Read his reviews before you decide to buy something.


Question Master

Bible Questions

During your quest you may find obstacles you can’t overcome, because you don’t have the required skill yet.

You have two options:

  1. Return to the town and improve the specific skill or
  2. Ask the Question Master at Bible Questions for help.

The Question Master has intensive knowledge of the Bible, but his answers are not free. Don’t offer him money, he will assume you want to bribe him and then he’ll never help you.

Bring him a question to answer or a question with an answer. Sometimes he will trade with his own questions. All questions must be related to the Bible.

If you really want to impress him, bring him a question that is written in the Bible with its answer.


Start Here

Start Here


Are you ready to discover the treasures of the Bible?

Then, start here.


FAQ regarding Bible study quests


Time: Do you have to complete quests or challenges at a specific date or time?

When a quest or a challenge needs to be completed in a certain time frame, it is clearly indicated.

All other quests and challenges are done in your own time and at your own pace.


Alone or in a group: Can you complete quests in a group or on your own?

You have the option to complete quests by yourself, together as a family or in a group like a Bible study group.

Exceptions will be indicated where applicable.


Tools: What are the basic tools needed to start a quest?

You can’t go on a quest without your Bible. If you forgot it in your room, turn around and go fetch it.

Other essential tools are your journal equipment and other Bible study tools in the basic tool kit.