Bible Study Quest

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Bible Study Quest

What is a Quest?

A quest is a journey in search of something of value or to complete a goal.

A king sends a hero on a quest for the king or his kingdom.

A hero can also go on a personal quest, seeking answers to his purpose in life and life’s mysteries.

Sometimes there are hidden agendas and the true reason for the quest is not revealed to the hero. When exposed, the hero finds himself at a crossroad; he has to choose to continue the quest or abandon it.

The Bible is your map, your guide to the journey of Christian living.


Who is a Hero?

We are the heroes.

Heroes and heroines have the determination to face any challenge to protect the innocent and conquer the enemy.

Heroes are also called conquerors and champions; they are the great men and women that don’t give in to fear.


What is a Bible Study Quest?

The Bible is the manual for Christian living.

Christians study the Bible to find answers, revelations, interpretations and guidelines how to live in the will of the Lord.

The moment you are saved, a lifelong adventure of discovering the Bible begins.

Bible study quest is a means to that end.


Bible Study Quest Categories


Journeys are not topic specific; it is about anything in the Bible.


Bible Study Topics

Bible study topics are topic related quests,.


Bible Books

Bible book quests are about a specific book in the Bible, for example the book of Daniel or John.


Christianity quests are about Christian living and include topics such as faith, prayer, and work.


Inspirational Quests

Inspirational quests inspire and motivate with Bible verses.