Bible Study Tools

Heroes on quests need Bible study tools, weapons and equipment



The sword, your Bible, is the most important weapon, tool and guide you will need on life’s journey.

During the quests you will come across other tools and weapons.

The Tool Master will help you in identifying the different tools.

If you find an unknown object, bring it to the Tools Master for feedback.



Basic Bible Study Tools Kit

What are the essentials you need, to go on a Bible study quest?


Armor of God

What are you wearing on your journeys?

Are you clothed with the armor of God? Or are you unprotected and an easy target?



Your Bible is absolutely essential.

How else do you want to study the Bible, without the Bible?

Is there a specific Bible you should use?

Your personal Bible is the ideal Bible to use.

What about Bible versions and Bible translations?

It’s more important to use a Bible that you’re comfortable with than worrying about the right Bible version.

Common sense should help you solve the puzzle if the answer isn’t obvious. If stuck, ask.


Journal Writing

Write it down!

Bible study quest is a fun way of studying the Bible and growing spiritually.


Checklist for the Basics

  • Bible
  • Notebook and pen or
  • Laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • Refreshments like water, coffee, and snacks 🙂
  • Bible study team mates if you’re studying in a group


Bible Study Tools Categories

Expand your basic tools kit with Bible study tools.

Read the Tool Master’s reviews in these categories:

  • Study Bibles
  • Bible versions
  • Bible Commentaries and Dictionaries
  • Bible Maps
  • Bible Apps for your tablets and smartphones
  • Bible Movies and DVDs
  • Christian Books

Can’t find a specific Bible or Bible study tool, ask the Tools Master using the form below.

Alternatively, contact him on the Contact page.