First Journey Where Are You?

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Satisfied with your armor of God item, you were ready….

Ready for what?

Not for what happened next…

Blindfolded and a bumpy ride, you were dumped without ceremony.

The king’s steward’s parting words were, “The First Journey has begun. See you on the other side.”

“The other side? Where were you going? What was the destination?”

You must have spoken your thoughts out loud, because the king’s steward responded, “You will know when you get there.”


Where Are You?

Taking off the blindfold you see the rest of the group scattered across the desert sands as lost as you. The surprised look on everyone’s faces is almost funny, but dumped in the wilderness is NOT.

The second thing you notice is that each hero or heroine, same as you, is wearing only one item of the armor of God. What is interesting is the different choices each had made. The majority of the crowd is standing barefoot except for those wearing the shoes of peace. Some have the belt of truth tied around their waist and others are covered by the breastplate of righteousness. Then there is the group wearing the helmet of salvation on their heads. Lastly, there are those holding the huge shield of faith….

What is this place? Looking around for an indication you notice…


Puzzle Clue:

There are high ‘wall-like structures’ on both sides of you. “These ‘walls’ were not built by man.”

You are walking on dry ground. Bending down, you inspect the ground, touching the moist soil. Until very recent, this dry ground you are standing on was still wet. Could it have been covered by water? A river perhaps or…

A miracle had taken place here. It is recorded in the Old Testament.

Where are you? What is the relevant Bible passage?