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For Christians who want to study the Bible in an exciting but truthful manner

Bible Study Quest

Do You Say Yes To

  • Getting to know the Bible better,
  • Knowing the truth,
  • Living according to God’s Word,
  • Solving puzzles,
  • Taking part in quizzes ,
  • Discovering Bible mysteries,
  • Going on a Bible study quest,

Then pack your Bible and meet me at the beginning of your First Journey.

At Bible Study Quest you learn about the Bible and about yourself.

Discover God’s promises, prophesies, truths and love in the midst of solving puzzles, unraveling mysteries and strengthening your faith.

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Bible Study Quest Bible Study Quest

Life is a quest.

What type of Bible study quest do you choose?

First Journey introduces you to the life of a hero on a quest while studying the Bible. 


Bible Questions Bible Questions

Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

Stuck? The Question Master will answer questions

  • in the Bible,
  • about the Bible, and
  • what does the Bible say about

Bring him a question or answer his question in exchange for an answer to your questions.


Bible Study Tools Bible Study Tools

Choose your weapon!

Reviews and information will help you

  • choose your tools, weapons and equipment for a specific quest
  • identify items you find
  • help you decide what to buy

Bible Challenge Bible Challenge

Compete and complete different challenges:

  • Test your Bible knowledge with quizzes and trivia challenges
  • Read more of the Bible in a Bible reading challenge
  • Say yes to the challenge to improve skills
  • Stay up to date with the latest challenge at New Challenges