The Best Books Of The Bible To Study Next

Best Books Of The Bible To Study Next

All 66 books of the Bible are important, but you have to start somewhere. The more you read God’s Word, the more sense it makes, irrespective of whether you read the Bible in a modern translation or delve deep into what was originally meant in Hebrew or Greek.

This article is about the best books of the Bible to study first or when you are at a loss where to go next with your Bible studies. These are mere suggestions; whether you read an Old Testament book, one of the Gospels, Psalms, or Revelation, you will find hope, practical wisdom, and love.

So, which are the best books of the Bible to study? All of them, but these three Bible books are my favorites that I return to repeatedly, so I’ll start the list with my favorite three of the best books of the Bible to study. 

My 3 Favorite Best Books Of The Bible To Study

Although these are my favorite three books in the Bible, the entire Book of truth is essential, and I wouldn’t want a biblical story consisting of only these three books. I want to read the Bible as a whole; even the parts where Paul describes what is downright sinful builds my faith and shine a new light on my life.  

Genesis: The Beginning Of God’s Word

The Book of Genesis in the Old Testament starts with, “In the beginning, God created…” Genesis is the foundation of everything, the beginning of time, earth, and people. It is the Book of beginnings, and it tells about the perfect world of abundant life.

Although sin entered the world and changed our relationship with God, Genesis also tells about God’s redemption plan. Genesis starts with Adam and proceeds to the family of 70 that went to Egypt and their generations who lived as slaves until God delivered them and took them to the Promised Land, the land of milk and honey (Exodus to Deuteronomy). Genesis is filled with beloved stories of ordinary people like Abraham, Noah, and Joseph, who had extraordinary faith because they believed; their faith is an example to all Christians. 

Daniel: No Compromise In Christian Faith

Daniel, one of the Old Testament prophets, was in his teens when exiled to Babylon with his nation Israel. He served under four kings of different kingdoms in a heathen world, but he stayed faithful to God. Daniel and his friends never compromised their faith no matter how difficult the circumstances – they were thrown into the fire and in a den of lions.

Daniel is an example of what Christian life should be like. He was a man of prayer and wisdom. Jealous peers used his prayer life to entrap the king to throw Daniel, a man in his 80s, in the den of lions. The Book of Daniel encourages me to stay firm in my faith and not compromise my Christian faith no matter the situation.  

John’s Gospel: Jesus our Savior and The Holy Spirit

The Book of John in the New Testament starts with the exact words as the Book of Genesis, “In the beginning was the Word…” It covers a wealth of wisdom because the Book is about Jesus’ life on earth – Jesus, the Word of God.

The famous verse of God giving His Son, Jesus, to save the world so we can have eternal life is in John (John 3:16). The Book’s purpose is for you to believe in Jesus Christ and to understand the identity of Jesus as the Son of God who became flesh to save us. The Gospel message will explain salvation and give you a better understanding of sin, heaven, and God’s wisdom. The Book teaches every Christian how to follow Jesus and that our Father is Spirit and we must worship Him in spirit and truth (John 4). 

There’s no doubt that Jesus is God who became flesh and that He was the Word that created the world. Then there are the seven I AM statements; I can go on and on, but why not read the Book of John and discover for yourself who Jesus is. 

What Book of the Bible Should You Study?

The entire Bible is about Jesus Christ, and each Book often covers a particular topic. The Bible consists of 66 books, 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 books in the New Testament, amounting to 1189 chapters.

If these numbers are overwhelming to you, here are some guidelines for where to begin studying the Bible, the beautiful story about our Father, Jesus our Savior, the Holy Spirit our Helper, and humanity’s future. From Genesis to Psalms to the Gospels and Revelation, the Bible books are filled with faith, hope, and love. The Book of Psalms is excellent if you only have a few minutes during your lunch break, and most of the psalms are only a few verses that will inspire and motivate you. The Book of Proverbs is full of wisdom nuggets; read one verse, and you will have food for thought the entire day.

Best Books Of The Bible To Study First As Children

Parents may wonder which are the best books of the Bible to study for their kids. Here are a few suggestions.

Genesis and Exodus are the basic foundations for the rest of the Bible. The books are written as narratives making it easy for children to follow and to learn foundational principles.

The Gospels tell about Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection. For kids who like action and adventure, the Book of Mark overflows with wonders and miracles to inspire young minds. A doctor writes Luke’s Gospel.

The Book of Acts is the story of the Church after Jesus’ resurrection. It is the foundation for the church and how believers should be in unity as the Body of Christ. 

Best Bible Books About Christian Life

Where do you start if you want to know how to live as a believer? Here are some suggestions of the best books of the Bible to study regarding Christian life.

The Book of James is one of the most instructive and practical books about Christian living. It teaches Christians how to cope with struggles and problems; it’s about spiritual maturity seven days a week.

The apostle Paul wrote almost half of the New Testament. Of all the books, Romans, Colossians, and Ephesians are great places to start reading the epistles of Paul.

The Book of Romans explains the main themes of the Bible, giving believers a better understanding of why Jesus died on the cross, that everyone sins, and the gift of righteousness available to all. Paul’s letter to the Romans paints the beautiful picture of how Jesus’ death and resurrection bring freedom we cannot achieve on our own.

The Book of Colossians helps believers stay true when living in a non-Christian culture, job, or neighborhood. This New Testament book is appropriate in today’s world and makes the point that love, not fear, overcomes.

The Book of Ephesians is about spiritual reality. In the last chapter, Paul describes and explains wearing the armor of God for spiritual warfare because our battles aren’t in the flesh but the spirit – one of the most potent keys to the Christian life. 

What Are The Best Books Of The Bible To Study About Jesus Christ?

The short answer is all 66 books in the Bible are the best books on Jesus Christ, for the Bible is about Jesus, and he was there when the world was created and when Adam took His first life’s breath. The first Messianic prophecy is in Genesis 1:15, and the Bible ends in Revelation 22 with Jesus promising He will return for His Bride. 

The Book of Exodus I call the wilderness book. It is the story of Israel in the wilderness but relates so much to our walk as Christians. We also go through the wilderness at times in our lives. When you read Exodus, you will find verses that point to our Lord Jesus. For example, Moses hit the rock, and water came out; it reminds me of Jesus’ conversation with the woman at the well. Jesus is the Rock, and He gives us life-giving water (John 4).

The four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, tell about Jesus and His life on earth in the New Testament. Each is written from a different perspective and for a diverse audience; for example, Luke’s Gospel is written to Gentiles and Matthew’s Gospel from a Jewish perspective. Likewise, when you and I retell something we witnessed, each will focus on something different that stood out for us. Our audience will also influence the way we tell the story. However, both our versions are accurate; we are relating the same thing from a different perspective. Reading the four Gospels gives a complete picture of Jesus. 

The Book of Revelation is about Jesus Christ. Verse one in the first chapter clearly states that the Book of Revelation is about Jesus and the revelation came from God. The Book is about Jesus’ second coming, an event all Christians are looking forward to. 

And so I can continue to list every single Book in the Bible and give you reasons why it is essential to begin your Bible studies with that particular Bible book – each Book in the Bible is about getting to know Jesus. Every single Book can be added as one of the best books of the Bible to study to learn about Jesus. It doesn’t matter whether you are reading the Gospel of John, about the church in Acts, the letters of Paul filled with hope, theology, and truth, Proverbs the Book of wisdom, or the beautiful poetry and songs in Psalms, all the books in the Bible point to Jesus.

Should I Study One Book or Read It All?

Read it all and read it again and again. Each time you read a specific Bible passage, a deeper understanding and a new revelation come forth, for you can’t read the Word of God without the help of your Bible Study Teacher, the Holy Spirit. 

You’ve noticed that I can’t select a single book as the best Book of the Bible to read or the five best books of the Bible to study because each one is as relevant as the other – it is, after all, God’s Word, and He doesn’t waste words. He created the world with words – the Word. 

To come back to my favorite three books, when I’m not sure where to go next, I start reading Bible verses in one of them; the Lord always guides me to where He wants me to read next. Does this mean these are, in my opinion, the best books of the Bible to study? No, they are favorites of mine, but, as I mentioned before, all the books are the best books of the Bible to study. Because it is a conversation between you and Jesus, you are part of God’s family, a recipient of God’s love, and God’s masterpiece.  

Whether your study the Bible verse by verse, use reading plans, or study the Bible book by the Book, whatever you do, do not allow the enemy called “Neglect of Scripture” to overtake you. And if he has, break that horrible cycle today by picking up God’s Word and start reading. Here are some Bible study methods to help you. 

I trust the article helped you and inspired you to read the Word of God. As you probably noticed, there arent’ only a few best books of the Bible to study – all the books are relevant. Do you have a favorite book in the Bible that you like to read again and again? Which Book of the Bible are you going to study next?

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