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Question Master answers Bible questions in the Bible and about the Bible

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Who is the Question Master?

Question Master can probably be described as a geek. Does it matter? He loves to study the Bible and finds answers to Christianity within the Bible.

He knows that the Bible has the answers to all your questions.

He is known to nurture nuggets of interesting information. There are more than 2000 questions written in the Bible.

And he is very helpful… as long as you add a question to his vast library of questions and answers.

He is called Quintin the Question Master, or Q for short.

What are Bible Questions?

Bible Questions contain the answers to

How do Bible Questions work?

Ask a question by submitting it to Q, the Question Master in the form below, or on the Contact page.

Ask the Question Master Bible-related questions.

Bible Question you need an answer to:

Ask your question relevant to the Bible and the quests.

  • Questions relevant to quests
  • Questions in Bible challenges

Trade Questions and Answers

This is the interesting part.

Trade your question with:

  • A question that is written in the Bible and what you think the answer is.
  • A question about the Bible, Christianity and your answer to the question.
  • Sometimes Quintin will give you questions to answer in exchange for your questions.

Always add the relevant Bible passage.

Surprise the Question Master

Q loves surprises and challenges.

He often takes part in the Bible Challenges to improve his skills.

If you come across an interesting question, surprise Quintin and send him this question.