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Animals in the Bible Quest with images of a donkey, goat, lion, and bird
Dear Quester and Bible Study Enthusiast, Animals in the Bible Quest is the first Bible Quest that starts your Bible Study Quest journey as a quester to know more about the Word of God. The Bible studies are designed to inspire you to read your Bible and to discover your […]

Animals In The Bible Quest

  Satisfied with your armor of God item, you were ready…. Ready for what? Not for what happened next… Blindfolded and a bumpy ride, you were dumped without ceremony. The king’s steward’s parting words were, “The First Journey has begun. See you on the other side.” “The other side? Where […]

First Journey Where Are You?

First Journey
Imagine studying the Bible by landing between Bible verses and pages in the Bible as if it’s a territory to be discovered. That is how the First Journey Bible study quest began for the heroes and heroines (you and me) of this story.    First Journey Began When…. The quiet of […]

First Journey Bible Study Quest

Bible Quest with image of mountains and valleys for questing
It’s fresh! It’s the truth! It’s Bible study! What is Bible Quest? A quest is a journey in search of something of value or to complete a goal. A king sends a quester on a quest for the king or his kingdom. A hero can also go on a personal […]

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