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Title: Jesus

Series: Rose Bible Basics

Publisher: Rose Publishing

Publishing Date: 10 July 2009

Pages:  130 pages

ISBN: 9781596363243

Product Code: 707X



Imagine having all the facts, information, life history of Jesus in an easy accessible format, user-friendly, and at your convenience.

You don’t have to imagine it any more. Rose Publishing has surpassed itself with the excellent project of Jesus, part of the Rose Bible Basics Series.

Jesus overflows with a wealth of information about Jesus, his life, his history, proven facts and it is all about Jesus.

Who should read Jesus?

This easy readable, eye-pleasing format would satisfy a wide range of readers, from your Bible scholars seeking facts to your everyday Christian who would like to know more about Jesus.

Both groups would enjoy this book tremendously.

How to use this book

Use Jesus as a

  • Reference book,
  • Bible study guide to study specific topics about Jesus or
  • Biblical based book about Jesus and the truth about him.

Although Jesus is jam-packed with facts and information, it reads like a story. Start at the beginning, or if you can’t wait, jump to the chapter that interests you the most.

Peek at the Contents

The chapters discuss the following themes:

  • Life of Jesus. Answer questions such as, why Jesus came and why he died on the cross. Scripture references include what Jesus said and what people said about him
  • Facts and Fictions about Jesus.  Common misconceptions about Jesus are explored. Did Jesus really exist or was he a myth? Was he married? Did he really die on the cross?
  • Gospel side by side. A side by side comparison of the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Jesus’ miracles, parables told by Jesus, his life in chronological order, are also included.
  • Beatitudes. What are the Beatitudes, the meaning of each beatitude and relevant questions for today are discussed in this chapter.
  • Lord’s Prayer.  Each section of the prayer is explored in terms of the attributes of God.
  • Names of Jesus. There are 50 names of Jesus with the meaning and Bible references revealed in this chapter.
  • Christ in the Old Testament. Explore prophesies in the Old Testament fulfilled by Jesus. The Old Testament is the foreshadow of the New Testament. This chapter shows 13 people who foreshadowed Jesus.
  • Christ in the Passover. Read about the history of the Passover, where is Passover in the Bible, the meaning of the symbolism of Passover, and the celebration of it.

Study Guide included

A study guide (also downloadable) of each chapter is at the end of the book with a worksheet.

Rose Publishing provided me with an advanced reader copy.

Purchase your copy at

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