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Bible Study Quests: To the King’s Steward

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  • a suggestion about Bible study quests?

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Bible Study Tools: To Samson the Tools Master

Send the Tools Master a message:

  • Questions about tools, weapons, and equipment
  • Suggested items  he should review
  • Tell him about interesting items you found during a quest
  • Any other message, comment or suggestion relevant to Bible study tools
  • What are your favorite Bible study tools?

Bible Challenges: To King’s Steward

  • Do you want to comment on a Bible Challenge?
  • Do you have a great idea for a Bible challenge? Tell us about it!
  • Do you have a question?

Bible Questions: To Quintin the Question Master

Quintin the Question Master is eagerly waiting for you to

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  • send him a question in the Bible with its answer
  • send him an interesting question about the Bible
  • remember to add the relevant Bible verses or Bible passage

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