9 Best Reasons To Study The Bible Today

Looking for reasons to study the Bible? The main reason why a person should study the Bible is the desire to know Jesus. If you don’t know Jesus, then start today with Bible study; it is a great way to discover what Jesus did for you and what salvation means. Building a relationship with someone means spending time with that person because you desire to know them better. Studying the Bible and praying are ways to spend time with Jesus.

Here are nine more reasons to study the Bible. Each explanation clarifies why it is so crucial that you spend time in the Word of God, now more than ever before. In the end, all the reasons for Bible study lead back to the main reason – to know the Lord Jesus, be a child of Father God, and recognize God’s Spirit to hear Him speak to you and impart God’s wisdom for your life.

Why Should Someone Study The Bible?

Why wouldn’t you want to read the best-selling and most distributed book ever? According to the Guineas Book of Records, with over 5 billion printed copies, the best-selling book of all times is the Bible. It can’t be a boring book with that record; however, the Bible is more than just another book; it is the living Word of God.

Whether you are a Christian or not, if you want to know the truth, need guidance, answers, inspiration in this earthly life, then study the Bible. The Bible is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. People read and use books to guide them in their business and daily lives; sometimes the advice works, and other times it doesn’t. The words of our Lord are different. The Bible’s law, principles, and wisdom applies to every aspect of your earthly and eternal life and is always relevant; it doesn’t become outdated like books.

Why Should Christians Study The Bible?

The real question is, why shouldn’t a Christian study the Bible? Do we need reasons to study the Bible if we want to know Jesus, know God’s truth, and build a relationship with our Lord?

The Bible is God-breathed; God gave the Bible to humans so that we can learn to know Him. Relationships are personal between individuals; you can’t be friends with my best friend through me. I can introduce you, but I can’t build a friendship between the two of you. Likewise, your pastor, parent, friend can’t make a relationship with God on your behalf.

How can you get to know Jesus? The two most important ways are reading God’s Word and praying. Here are some reasons to study the Bible to inspire you even more.

More Reasons To Study The Bible

Find Answers To Life’s Questions In God’s Word

One of the most compelling reasons to study the Bible is to find answers. Children ask lots of questions about everything and anything, and even when it is exhausting, adults love to answer them. God is our Father, and He never tires from answering our questions. He does it through prayer but also the Word of God. The Holy Spirit guides you to reveal the answers in the Bible. You won’t find the answers if you don’t make the effort of reading God’s Word and studying the Bible. 

Bible Study Help You Discern Between Truth And False

Pontius Pilate asked Jesus what truth is? Jesus is the Truth. Sometimes, it is challenging to discern between truth and lies, especially with the amount of knowledge we are bombarded with today. The Bible is God’s truth and your guide to truth, and it is the same truth for every person on earth, of every nation, tongue, and culture.

God’s Word warns against false teaching that will mislead people (1 John 4:1). The danger of a lie is that it contains enough words of truth to deceive.  Satan is the father of lies, and from the very beginning, he questioned God and is still trying to trick people into listening to his lies instead of teaching God’s Word. Bible study will teach you what the truth is and what is false doctrine.

Word Of God Reveals What Is Right And Wrong

Life has lots of grey areas, and it’s not always that easy to figure out what is right and what is wrong. People may even differ about what they consider as right, bad, or inappropriate. God’s Word is the compass that directs you on the right path.

This may sound harsh, but is it? According to Biblical doctrine, there is no grey area; it is either right in God’s eyes or wrong, which is sin. If you lie down, you are not sitting; there is no grey area; you are either lying down or sitting up. You can’t do both, and you can’t do it half-and-half, likewise with right and wrong.

Studying The Bible Brings Hope

Life isn’t always easy, and for many, their current life circumstances are almost unbearable. The Bible is full of hope and promises from God. The Lord God is not a man; He cannot lie (Numbers 23:19). He doesn’t make empty promises; it is not in His nature. His Word is the truth, no matter who or where you are in life.

One of His most significant promises in the Gospel is that whoever believes in Jesus Christ will have eternal life and become a child of God (John 1:12; 3:16). The Bible tells us about salvation; salvation is not an empty promise but a living message and invites every soul in the world to become a child of God.

As a child of God, you are also an heir to all His promises. Reading the Scriptures will give you hope, bring new life, and teach you about your wonderful Father in heaven, Jesus Christ your Savior, and the Holy Spirit your Helper and Counselor.

Scriptures Prepare Believers For The Future

More than a quarter of the Bible contains prophecies; many have already been fulfilled, but some predictions will play out in this generation. If you were wondering what will happen to the world and us, the entire book of Revelation is full of prophecies about the future.

The book is about Jesus Christ and His seconding coming to fetch His Bride – those who know Him. All evil and death will pass away. Why not start your Bible study journey today and discover God’s plans for your future?

Bible Study Guides Our Daily Life 

One of the best reasons to study the Bible is guidance in your daily life; it is the foundation to build your future. Psalm 119:115 describes the Word as a lamp to your feet.

God’s Word is like a light that shows you where to take your next step in everyday life. The Holy Spirit is your guide; if you listen, He will speak and reveal God’s will and wisdom for our lives.

Good Book Is A Book Of History From The Beginning

The Bible is the most incredible book of history. The Scriptures tell the story of the beginning of the world, the origin of humans, and best of all, the Gospel story of Jesus Christ. John 5:39-40 confirms that the very Scriptures testifies about Jesus Christ.

The Word of God isn’t myths or bedtime stories, for numerous sources throughout time have verified the facts in the Bible.

Scripture Is A Devotional Book That Is Alive In Walk

The Bible is the best Bible study and devotional book you will find. It is filled with life lessons, stories of ordinary people that did extraordinary things, about their mistakes, and how God forgives when they repent.

When you study the Scriptures diligently, you will find for every event of life; there is a story in the Bible that coincides with the difficulties in our lives. The apostle Paul wrote that the Word of God is alive and like a double-edged sword dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and judging thoughts and heart attitudes (Hebrews 4:12). When Bible study reveals people’s mistakes in their lives, we should take the teaching to heart and learn from their mistakes, not point a finger or judge them.

Scripture Is The Authority For Faith

The Bible is the authority for the Christian faith, not the way people interpret it but what God says about the Christian faith. Scripture confirms itself with other Bible verses. Nothing stands alone; all 66 books of the Bible come together as the story of God, His love for people, and how He offers salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ for every person on earth. 

I trust these reasons to study the Bible were helpful. Jesus knew He was the Son of God (Luke 3:22). Bible study will help you grow spiritually, glorify God, know Jesus, hear the Holy Spirit’s words, and discern false teaching. So, did the reasons to study the Bible inspire you, but you’re wondering what the Bible has to say about it? The article Bible verses about studying the Word lists lots of Bible verses about the topic.  

The Bible is divine authority, and it is every person’s life guide, no matter who you are or where you are from. Why not open the Bible and discover for yourself – you don’t need any reasons to study the Bible from today. If you aren’t sure where to start, this article is about how to study the Bible.

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